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Dan Smith’s Dream Shop and Tool Chest

  • Very nicely produced video. Great job Ben!

  • Congratulations !
    What a legacy you are going to leave behind for your sons one day.
    I know ,I have been privileged to have had my foundation laid by my father .An excellent hoby to compliment surgical skills.
    Gert du toit ,gastrointestinal surgeon.

  • Sorry. We don’t have plans for any um… plans of this cabinet.

  • Are the plans going to be available to download?

  • I should have taken my American exams and done orthopaedics! When I was a student in Oxford I played tennis with a newly appointed Professor of orthopaedics. We had lots of discussions about the overlap with woodwork. Power tools were just being introduced to orthopaedics then. Can you wash out my arthritic ankle? (Only joking). What a superb workshop. I live in crowded England. No hope of achieving what you have here. I have holidayed in Maine. Higgins Beach. Very beautiful.

  • To JohnOSeattle;

    The radial arm saw is a Sears Craftsman circa 1973, identical to the one I received when I graduated from high school and that I still use in Missouri. Found it on Craigslist for $75, but it took some work to restore it to its current state! The lack of sawdust is because we hosted my younger son’s wedding in the shop and just restored it to its rightful use before the shoot.


  • A little detective work via Google reveals:

    Dan Smith is an orthopedic surgeon in St. Joseph, Mo., who specializes in reconstructive surgery, including knee, shoulder, and hip replacements. But woodworking has always competed fiercely with medicine for his attention: His subscription to FWW dates to issue #19, when he was a third year medical student, and he admits he would read it before reading his medical journals. Over the years, in addition to making clocks, built-ins, and many pieces of furniture for his family’s house in Missouri and for a summer place in Maine, Smith has also built four boats.

  • What does the shop look like during a project. This a beautiful shop and high end craftsmanship. How do you support this or is it a hobby. In other words, does the shop earn its keep?

  • Can’t view the video…

  • Easily in the top 5 shops I’ve seen for ambience. Very well done!

  • bmd November 5th

    What do you do (or did) for a living $?
    Nice building, shop and geographic area!
    Maybe too nice to work in…?
    I hope you have so much fun your tools get dirty.
    Birdie Miller

  • Very nice tool cabinet! Hope it turns into an article

  • I couldn’t help but imagine this is what it’s like to wake up in heaven. Complete with music. Great Shop, great job on the video.

  • Beyond the call of duty!
    What is the machine make/ model (Radial arm Saw ?) near the featured tool cabinet.

  • A dream come to life I’d imagine.

  • one word ok two WOW, WOW!

  • Absolutely beautiful! Amazing tool chest, shop and boats! And to my surprise well away in the corner a wood lathe with a guard. Not often I see those. Also nice video production!

  • That shop is inspiring! Great lighting … and just has a great feel about it. I love it.

  • Gorgeous. I am so jealous!

  • There will be more information in the Tools and Shops issue coming out next week.

  • Beautiful. Are there plans available for the tool chest?

  • Good job Ben and Cari! Where’s all the sawdust?

  • (Why?)

    Published at Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:35:09 +0000

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