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Epoxy makes tearout disappear

When applying finish to a tabletop recently, I discovered a couple of areas of severe tearout I had missed. To remove it with a card scraper or sandpaper would have left an obvious valley in the finished top, so I came up with a simple alternative. I filled the small voids with epoxy (I use QuickCure 5 Epoxy from and then leveled the areas with a sharp chisel and a card scraper. A bit of light sanding and a new coat of finish makes the tearout disappear. My method has worked under simple oil finishes as well as oil-varnish blends.

—CHARLES MAK, Calgar y, Alta., Canada

011257015_01_epoxy_tearout 011257015_02_epoxy_tearout

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Published at Thu, 29 Sep 2016 12:00:54 +0000

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