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AccuGlide Saws Classic Saw Miter Cutting Workstation Package

$6,344.00 (as of April 16, 2017, 5:06 pm)

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Miter cutting in the stone industry is becoming an increasing number of popular. Alternatively, cutting miters by hand or with larger equipment that may be leaving a rough and chipped edge could be a disaster. With such a lot of shops dealing with this bottleneck, AccuGlide Saws has developed a proven, cost effective solution. The AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation. This proven and patented workstation is now being utilized in busy shops around the globe. The AccuGlide Miter Cutting Workstation can cut miters up to 132″ in material as thick as 3 cm. Its rigid design ensures chip-free cuts for very top of the range work and low finishing labor. Ideal for creating mitered edge profiles in kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, stairs, and furniture. Designed to be used on exotic natural stones in addition to manufactured quartz or porcelain slabs. The Miter Cutting Workstation includes the following: AccuGlide Classic Saw (qty 1) 12.5′ Stainless Steel Tracks (qty 1 set) 7.5′ Quick Lock Stainless Steel Tracks (qty 1 set) One Zoom Blade (qty 1) MiterMasterTM Right Fixture (qty 1) MiterMasterTM Left Fixture (qty 1) MiterMasterTM Inside Corner Fixture (qty 1) MiterMasterTM In-Line Enhance (qty 2) VersaTableTM (qty 1) Free technical Enhance

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