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Hide Adjustable Shelf Pins in a Secret Slot

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Like many people, I use those little spoon-shaped pins to create adjustable shelves in cabinetry. They do the job but leave the shelf feeling wobbly, and I don’t like seeing the pin tips underneath. So now I cut a slot on the side edges of the shelf (before adding a solid-wood strip to the front edge), so the little pins can slide into the slots. Not only does that make the shelf more secure, but it also makes it impossible for the pins to drop out, and it hides them, giving the finished shelf a floating look. If you are worried about shelf strength, you can cheat the slots downward a bit, below the centerline.

From FWW #267

Drawings by Dan Thornton

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Published at Thu, 15 Feb 2018 14:00:56 +0000