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SketchUp: Modeling Table and Stool Legs with Rake and Splay

Legs set at an angle other than vertical is a common feature of stools, chairs, and some tables. Christian Becksvoort’s Sturdy Stool is a good example as well as the typical Windsor chair. Garrett Hack has done some lovely small tables with legs that have fully tapered raked and splayed legs such as his Fir and Cherry Side Table.

Christian Becksvoort’s Sturdy Stool

A small table by Garrett Hack

Correctly modeling legs like these in SketchUp requires the right technique. One easy way to get it right is through the use of an extension called, appropriately, Rake and Splay. I used it when I drew the plans for Becksvoort’s stool and Hack’s small side tables. I also used it recently when I created the SketchUp model of this table based on on made in Poland during the early 1950’s.

The video shows how to use this hand tool to get the legs drawn correctly. After getting the leg in the right place, I also show how to cut the top and bottom parallel to the floor. Maybe you can find some useful for the extension, too.


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Published at Wed, 18 Jul 2018 17:37:04 +0000