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Video: How To Mockup Federal-Style Inlays

When designing a pair of federal side tables, Bob Van Dyke wanted to be able to see into the future before he committed to an inlay pattern. Bob has just about every tool you can imagine in his school, but unfortunately a time machine isn’t one of them. He does have a pair of mirrors that makes the great unknown a little more … well … known. Many woodworkers use mirrors to help them lay out veneers; Bob just added a grab bag of federal inlay goodies to the mix. With his kit, he’s able to add sand-shaded flowers, shells, and curved inlays, and he mixes and matches them to see exactly what blend of elements is perfect for his projects. So next time you’re making a shell or floret to inlay, make an extra and start assembling a kit of your own. Future you will thank … well … you.

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Published at Mon, 04 Jun 2018 15:36:40 +0000